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With over 1.5 billion monthly active users in 2015 Facebook is one of the most visited website all over the world in the last years. Those aren’t just statistics. They are always developing and improving their services because users ask for new features an now, Facebook isn’t a simple socializing website as it was in its beginning times. Nowadays Facebook is a service that offers you the chance to grow your potential by making a personal page where you can post videos or photos with your passions, but you can also make a Facebook page for your entire business. This website is more than a website that brings together friends from all over the world. It’s a powerful tool that can be used to grow both, small business and big companies no matter what their activity domain is.As a simple Facebook users or as a Facebook fan page administrator you’re able to upload news about you or your friends, family or even your products, but you can also post videos and photos. Your Facebook friends or your Facebook followers are able to like or express their opinion about what you have posted, but a very useful tool is the Facebook share feature. This can be used to share important information, funny videos or viral content that other users might be interested in or they could appreciate. If you want your business to be present on the online media, you must create a Facebook fan page. The next important step is to upload high quality content that your friends or your followers will share to their friends or family. This way, a bigger number of people will have access to your products and to your services, and this will be transformed in bigger earnings for your company. Sometimes it’s hard to convince people form Facebook to share your content, and that’s the reason why Buying Facebook shares is a good option to resolve the problem.


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